2020, looking on the bright side of things.
08 Jan 2021

Whilst 2020 is a year that many people will be wanting to forget it has presented certain opportunities to Advantage Geomatics and in spite of the challenges presented has given us our best financial year to date.  We completed over one hundred jobs, developed relationships with new clients, and continued to offer a comprehensive range of services to all of our clients.

  Our Land Rover Defender to get around the quarries

One of the areas that we have seen significant growth is in the Quarrying sector where we have been assisting the team at  with their expanding workload and it has been great to show off the labour saving potential and mass data capture that using drones in quarries offers. From annual quarry plan updates to quarterly stock surveys to expansion plans we have been able to carry out all of our operations safely and quickly to deliver quality data in a prompt manor, reducing the time of boots on the ground in an inherently exposed environment.

 A wet December day surveying stocks in CumbriaGetting ready to fly a sand and gravel operation

 We continue to work with local architects delivering 3d topographic models and measured building surveys with a quick turnaround from confirmation to delivery.  Our aim is to return the required drawings within one week of completion of the site work, depending on the size of the job, allowing the development process to move forward unhindered.  By using a variety of different techniques from traditional total station surveys, to LiDar 3d scanning to drone surveys we are able to offer a complete package of survey services.  Obviously we have had to adjust our site working practise to take into account Coivd-19 restrictions to keep everyone as safe as possible while allowing us to complete the job.

 Brymbo Steel Works Heritage Site

 Towards the end of the year we were tasked with assisting a Structural Engineering firm with the inspection of various structures at the old Brymbo steel works heritage project in North Wales.  As a cost saving operation we were asked to provide high resolution photographs of the structures on the site for a Structural Condition Survey.  Rather than hire in an access platform or construct scaffolding we flew the site, under the direction of the Inspection Team from in only one day we were able to gather over one thousand images to assist the team in their inspection and report.