Developments in UAV or drone surveying and services
24 Sep 2019

Developments in UAV or Drone services alongside our Survey services

During the course of this year here at Advantage Geomatics we have been developing our UAV capability to go beyond the integration of UAV imagery and point clouds into traditional Topographic Survey plans.

The logic we have applied is that so long as the data generated saves the client more money than it costs then there is a tangible benefit to using this technology, it is with this in mind that we continuously look to develop new applications.

Working in partnership with a couple of large multi discipline survey firms here in Shropshire and further afield we have been involved with a wide range of projects that has expanded our experience of client requirements and what is realistically achievable.

A diverse range of recent projects including structure condition inspections, end of project ‘as built’ surveys, an entire London university campus (over 135 acres surveyed in 3 days!), planning applications for quarry extensions and more have all utilised UAV gathered imagery, video and in some cases been integrated into topographic surveys.  Some examples of the deliverables are shown below (in as good as resolution as can be shown).

Each of these sites benefited from using the UAV over traditional methods in a number of different ways.  Firstly, the speed in which the data was gathered, meaning less exposure and faster turnaround, secondly the amount of quality data that was gathered was increased and finally the means of presentation are not just limited to one medium.  If you think that this might be a solution to a problem you are facing then we would more than happy to see if it is feasible and offer an honest impartial opinion.

As previously mentioned, we always look for opportunities to integrate UAV or drone survey data into as many of our topographic and measured building surveys as we can to continuously develop and enhance our products. 

For topographic surveys the data adds clarity to the layout of a site and for the measured building surveys we are able to merge the point cloud with a ground based LiDAR scanner generated point cloud.  This gives complete coverage of rooftop detail for elevations and sections.  An added bonus is that the imagery can also be used to conduct a roof top condition survey without the need to physically access the area, meaning cost savings and increased safety due to lack of exposure.

We have also been working with Harper Adams University on their new Hands Free Farm project, the follow on project from the Hands Free Hectare and with The Woodland Trust on another project which is still at an early stage of development, all in all it is a busy time with the potential opportunities that the use of UAV’s present.

If you believe that our services may be the solution to a problem or requirement you have we would be more than happy to discuss it and offer impartial advice.