Drones for Mapping service
20 Oct 2017

At Advantage Geomatics we are constantly looking for ways improve our service and offer our clients a diverse set of products.

As part of our previously blogged work with Harper Adams we have decided to venture into the world of UAV’s or Drones as they are more commonly known.

We are currently undergoing training and are looking to be fully qualified as Drone Operators under the CAA training scheme by the end of the year.  By working with other qualified operators such as the team at Flyover Filming, Wolverhampton Business Centre and Harper Adams University we are looking to apply our wealth of knowledge and experience in this field to develop systems and procedures that can be used alongside our existing traditional topographic surveying services. Whilst there are many people who have experience flying drones that are offering mapping or surveying services not all are qualified surveyors and it is this distinction that we intend to use to set us apart from other operators. 

Working on sites such as roads, flood plains, environmentally sensitive areas, quarrys for calculating volumes or agriculture for monitoring or mapping amongst others drones present a powerful tool when used as an complementary tool with more traditional survey techniques.  They are able to gather a far greater density of data, quicker and safer than boots on the ground alone and utilising GPS fixed Ground Control Points there is negligable compromise to positional accuracies.  The benefits are too great to ignore.

In the picture below you can see an image taken from an Orthomosaic tile of Shrewsbury Town Football Ground, it was genrated by our drone operating partners at Flyover Filming in about 15 minutes of flying.  

Advantage Geomatics reach for the sky

Shrewsbury football club orthomosaic

With this diversification we aim to achieve a broader product range aligned with our Mission Statement to assist our clients in maximising the value of their assets by providing quality 3D spatial information in a cost effective and timely fashion. 

Watch this sapce for the continuing story and should you want any information about our current services please get in touch using the link at the bottom of the page.

Can you find the the drone in our new 360° photo viewer?