November will be busy
30 Oct 2017
A busy month of drone training and networking lies ahead for Advantage Geomatics


With our current drive to develop a drone based mapping and agriculture monitoring service November is building up to be a key period for Advantage Geomatics.

The Agri program that we are working with is kicking off in earnest with our first group meeting taking place on October 31st, the Drones in Agriculture conference on November 9th and a technical development meeting with experts all taking place at Harper Adams University, Shropshire.

Also we have been experimenting with Pix4D software generating some models and based on the experience so far we have booked onto a Pix4D skills course.  It is being hosted by the team at and delivered by a team from Pix4D themselves to really get to grips with this powerful and versatile software package to ensure we can use it to its full potential.

This image below shows a 3D orthomosaic image created by us during our research into Pix4D and below that is a screen shot of the point cloud generated from the LAS file of the same project:

Pix4d generated Orthomosaic

3D Point Cloud generated from Pix4D data

In the next few weeks we are looking to really develop our knowledge of the market needs, the capabilities and limitations of drone gathered data and how best to apply that knowledge in a commercial application.

With the large amount of drone operators in this fast growing market we see it as being of the utmost importance that when we enter the market we are as well prepared as we can possibly be to stand out from the competition.