One year done, what lies ahead?
09 Jan 2018
Advantage Geomatics is one year old, what are we planning?

At Advantage Geomatics we are proud to have passed our first mile stone of our first anniversary and how things have developed.  We have worked for local  and National architects and developers, Wildlife Trusts and on National Infrastructure projects, it has been a busy year!

As well as offering traditional Topographic Survey solutions to our clients utilising Total Stations and GNSS (or GPS) we have also been looking to work with more contemporary solutions and even starting to push the boundaries and develop new technologies for use in surveying and mapping through collaborations with strategic partners.

We have utilised 3D scanning in some of our jobs this year as it is starting to become more mainstream and cost effective for SME’s to make use of.  It essentially allows the Surveyor to bring the site or project into the office.  Once the site has been scanned there is no need to return to site to collect ‘missed’ data or changes to spec as the site is modelled and can be re-visited with the click of a mouse button.  Also complex non-linear shapes such as old agricultural buildings can be more accurately modelled further improving the quality of the product offered to the client.

For the last six months we have been developing a new and exciting product of Drone (or UAV) based mapping.  Utilising the high definition photographic capabilities that a drone offers and precision surveying skills we already offer we are able to construct high quality point cloud based 3D models of land or buildings.  These models can be reference to any co-ordinate system and integrated into surveys generated through more conventional means.

Drone generated point cloud merged with survey

To use Drones in any commercial application it is a legal requirement to have a CAA PFCO (Permission to Fly as a Commercial Operator), as we at Advantage Geomatics are still working towards this we have been developing the service alongside an established and experienced operator, Flyover Filming. Based nearby, with a wealth of experience, cutting edge equipment and national coverage they are the perfect match to develop this progressive service.  By combining our two skill sets of precision surveying and drone operation we feel we can set ourselves apart from others offering a similar service in the UK.

The potential of Drones is huge and alongside Flyover Filming and with the assistance of Harper Adams University we will be continuing to develop agricultural monitoring services.  With this we hope to be able to improve the yield of certain crops which, with the current drive to reduce waste could potentially prove to be a fruitful direction of development.

All in all the first year has been very successful with the goal of getting a foothold in the market being achieved and the added bonus of getting involved in and developing new services that are now ready to take to market we couldn’t be happier.

Happy New Year to all our customers, existing and potential and here’s to another 12 months of growth.