Quarry & Landfill surveys with UAV's saving time and reducing exposure
30 Jan 2020
by Richard Sparks

The goals Advantage Geomatics have set for this year is to continue to grow and take on new clients and to enable us to do this we are looking into diversifying our services to include Mineral Surveying, namely quarries and quarry restoration sites.  Having trained as a Mineral Surveyor at Camborne School of Mines and with the experience gained working alongside the team at who have nearly 20 years industry experience, we are ready to start marketing this service to new clients.

For the past couple of years we have worked with Dean from GSurv on a number of large projects building up our skill set using the UAV’s for the specific requirements of this environment, achieved industry safety qualifications and looking forward we are planning to continue to develop this partnership to grow this area of the business.

The use of UAV’s or drones in this environment is a real game changer. A list of the benefits is shown below

  •                       All data gathered in short window of time
  •                       Reduced exposure due to less time spent on the ground
  •                       Area surveyed in much greater detail
  •                       Generated point cloud can be referred to at a later date (no lost detail)
  •                       Increased clarity in the plans that are delivered when used with background imagery

 As you can see from the image below the recent weather conditions have made getting around some sites very tricky and any way to reduce the need move around makes for a safer job.

Land Rover on site

The fly through from a recent site that we have flown gives an indication of the amount of detail that can be achieved from a relatively short flight, it must be remembered that whilst time is saved on site it is still necessary to digitise the required data from the point cloud but working from a complete site point cloud means nothing gets missed.