Wrapping up 2018
18 Dec 2018
Investing, developing and growing in year 2 at Advantage Geomatics

As 2018 nears a close we at Advantage Geomatics are taking some time out to reflect on what has been a very busy second year of operation and make plans to grow more in our third year.

We have worked on a diverse range of projects since January covering the whole of the UK but centred around our base in the heart of Shropshire.  A small list of these jobs is shown below along with a few pictures from sites,

Powys in the spring

Numerous topographic surveys in Shropshire and surrounding counties completed for architects, developers and private clients. This site is in Powys using our new Topcon Hybrid setup with VRS GPS and integrated DS-103 total station.


Operational windfarm

Work as part of the team installing a new off shore wind farm of the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland.


Faro scanner at parrot farm

3D scanning of a variety of sites in the Midlands, shown here surveying a Parrot breeding centre in Shropshire, using a Faro 3D scanner

Surveying stream near slough

Part of a larger team of surveyors, mapping two substantial brown field sites in Buckinghamshire.

We have completed at the time of writing over 50 jobs this year and have been updating the equipment and software that we are using and developing the range of services that we offer.

Most notably was our completion of the drone, or UAV, training course at the end of March with RUSTA and award of PFCO from the Civil Aviation Authority.  This means we are now able to commercially offer drone mapping, modelling and inspection services to complement our existing surveying services.

Richard sparks receiving rusta wings

After successfully completing the training course run by the team at we were in a position to offer commercial drone services such as mapping, 3d modelling and structure inspection.  One of our first jobs was to fly at a redevelopment project at a site in Telford, Shropshire to generate a 3D point cloud to be integrated into the topographic survey we had completed of the site, a fly through of the point cloud is shown in the link below:

Whilst this development is all very exciting the core of our work is still traditional topographic and measured building surveys which we have been conducting all over Shropshire and the Midlands for Architects, Landscape Architects, Developers, Estate Managers and Private clients alike.  We have developed new links with local firms allowing us to offer a more complete service with turn key solutions and hope to continue to do so moving forward.

We would like to thank all of our clients and partner businesses for their continued support through 2018 and look forward growing further through 2019.

Happy Christmas from all at Advantage Geomatics