3D Scanning & Modelling

A relatively new technology, 3D scanning enables us to make a virtual model of literally any physical structure. A 3D scanner measures points at varying densities to create a point cloud from which we can extract the required information to generate 3D models or 2D plans..

The utilisation of scanners is very diverse and new applications are always being found, if you know you require a Scan Survey or think it would be a good solution to your needs we will endeavour to make it happen.

3D Scanning & Modelling

For large scale redevelopment projects it is sometimes desirable to create a virtual model of what the final deliverable will look like. This could be used for planning proposals, funding presentations or marketing material. At Advantage Geomatics we can provide the 3D model from which to base your redevelopment plans on to maximise your projects potential.

3d scanning creates a model which can act as a record of a structure at a point in time. This can be used to fulfil a number of requirements, examples of which are BIM (Building Information Management) for new buildings where this is a planning requirement or building conservation after renovation on heritage projects.

When designing a structure or some plant machinary to fit within an existing confining space a model generated from a 3d scan of the area of interest gives the designer the knowledge and confidence that the item being designed will fit first time.

Structures that are complex such as industrial facilities with large amounts of piping or walkways that were difficult to survey using conventional methods can now be surveyed and visualised in a 3d Revit model with far greater effect than before.

If it is necessary to measure changes over a large area, structure or body of interest over time then scanning is the right tool for the job. Be it a monitoring job to see if a structure is moving over time or to compare the condition/layout of an area for an example when handing back a building after a period of lease to ensure it is in the same condition.

3D Scanning Case Study

3d Scanning or LiDAR

See our case studies below for an example of recent jobs that we have done to see the results this type of survey can generate.

In the Case Study shown below the client required a detailed survey of the exterior and interior of a farm building currently used in part as a Parrot breeding centre, for a re-development plan to be drawn up.  Due to the uneven nature of the construction and relatively complex layout of the site a 3D scan of the building was the most cost effective survey.

Another advantage of using a scanner is that what you are effectively doing is taking a snap shot in time of the building as whole from which the required plans are constructed back in the office.  The field work is relatively quick and although the processing takes time if the required level of detail changes then no site re-visit is necessary as you already have the data, it is just case of picking the extra detail from the point cloud.

As you can see from the images below, taken from screen shots, generating elevations, sections and floorplans from a point cloud allows much higher levels of detail to be drawn.  Should the client require it the data could also be used to create a 3D model for designs or walk through visualisations for marketing purposes.

Elevation Example

Elevation scanning

Floorplan Example

Floorplan Scanning


What clients say about us

“ The projects that Richard has undertaken for me have been carried out swiftly and efficiently, and he is keen to maintain a good service ”

Peter Richards
Peter Richards & Co, Property Consultancy
“ Our client had a site that required a multi discipline survey be carried out, all of which Advantage Geomatics were able to deliver. Their professional and thorough approach to the job meant it was completed quickly and enabled our workflow to continue smoothly. ”

Charlene Sussums-Lewis
Carter Jonas
“ The first crucial element of good garden and landscape design is an accurate topographical survey. Richard has always delivered excellent clear, informative surveys for our award winning schemes to come to life, I certainly will continue to use his speedy service and recommend him to others. ”

Mike Russell
Designs With Nature, Gold Medal winning garden designer