Land & Topographic Services

Advantage Geomatics deliver land survey solutions to cover almost all requirements of our clients. Utilising modern equipment surveys can be carried out quickly, efficiently and linked to the OS grid and datum.

We have experience in a variety of fields that include but are not limited to, garden surveys and street scene elevations for architects, development plots for building contractors, highways, rivers, sports facilities, quarry volume calculations.

We can tailor the product to best suit the needs of the client so please get in touch to discuss your project.

Land & Topographic Services

If there is any question of a building/development having been constructed in a location different from its planned position then an as built survey may be required. We can base the survey on an existing national or local grid or on pre-existing detail to ensure the most accurate position is achieved for any analysis or comparison to be made.

Developers will need a survey conducting to show amongst other things details of boundaries, levels and utilities on and in the vicinity of the plot. Neighbouring properties can be positioned remotely to gain information crucial for Planning Permission application success.

Landscape Architects designing a new garden layout will require a detailed survey showing the boundaries, levels and orientation of the site to make best use of the space available. We are able to do this with as little disruption to the residents and deliver the product in the required format.

Cross or Longitudinal sections are required for roads and rivers for a variety of reasons but with our techniques and software we are able to produce consistent, quality information in a variety of formats to best suit your needs.

For a plot redevelopment it often a requirement to have a Street Scene Elevation drawn up showing the adjacent properties and how any proposed construction will fit in with the existing buildings.

If you have a stockpile you require a volume calculating or a dynamic body that you want to monitor changes in over time such as a quarry we have the skills and capability to do this accurately and safely.

Case Study - Land & Topographic

Topographic Survey: Water Channel Modelling Survey

Chapel Mere on the Cholmondeley Estate is a small nature reserve that various environmental groups are in the process of studying for various projects.  The Shropshire Wildlife Trust were one of those groups involved and when it was decided that a Topographic Survey was required they suggested our services.

The job essentially required to measure the levels of various water courses into and out of the Mere and a half dozen or so monitoring borehole locations and gauge board markers around the site.  This was in order to run various flood analysis models which meant getting into the various channels and ditches, which meant waders and lots of cutting back of undergrowth.  It turned out to be the same channels that are used on the extreme cross fit challenge ‘The Tough Mudder’ and there were a few sumps dug into the bed of one of the channels that nearly caught us out but with a bit of care we were able negotiate the watercourses without getting wet.

Richard Sparks Advantage Geomatics

Due to some delays in getting clearance to proceed by the time that we came to get on site in mid July some parts of the survey were inaccessible due to dense vegetation and so had to be postponed until the autumn but the vast majority of the site could be accessed and were surveyed in 3 days.

Static observations were made at the various monitoring points that were indicated by the client so that measurements made at them could be compared to each other and also included in the simulation models being run. This was based on the Digital Terrain Model that was being generated from the survey data of the drainage channels and at the top of the banks. The image below shows a section of the survey with the ditches, contours and mature trees shown.

Land Topographic

Digital Terrain Model


What clients say about us

“ The projects that Richard has undertaken for me have been carried out swiftly and efficiently, and he is keen to maintain a good service ”

Peter Richards
Peter Richards & Co, Property Consultancy
“ Our client had a site that required a multi discipline survey be carried out, all of which Advantage Geomatics were able to deliver. Their professional and thorough approach to the job meant it was completed quickly and enabled our workflow to continue smoothly. ”

Charlene Sussums-Lewis
Carter Jonas
“ The first crucial element of good garden and landscape design is an accurate topographical survey. Richard has always delivered excellent clear, informative surveys for our award winning schemes to come to life, I certainly will continue to use his speedy service and recommend him to others. ”

Mike Russell
Designs With Nature, Gold Medal winning garden designer