Measured Building

What ever your requirements, be it a domestic or commercial building we can offer a bespoke survey to suit your needs. We can deliver simple 2D floor plans or elevations to 3D rendered models.

With an emphasis placed on efficiency we collect as much data on site in as short a time as possible to limit disruption to our clients.

Quality Control checks are carried out in real time as the work progresses through the building, utilising modern equipment and specific software, reducing the need for unwanted re-visits.

Measured Building

Case Study - Measured Building

Measured Building Survey: Rural Building Re-development

Many old farm buildings are no longer suitable for the purposes that they built for as farming practises have changed so much in recent years.

As a result they are at best used to store long unused equipment and at worst are falling into disrepair.  But these buildings have the potential to be re-purposed as residential or commercial premises, adding value and generating a diversified income for the owner.

Based in Shropshire, a rural community, this has been a fairly common project to be involved in and over the last year we have worked on half a dozen or more of them, one of which is displayed below.

The client was looking to redevelop the barns into a commercial venture and the starting point on site was to have a detailed set of floor plans, sections and elevations drawn up as well as a topographic survey of the site. 

The most cost effective for the client was a traditional survey of the buildings with deliverables in 2D CAD plans from which the architects could base their designs. It took 3 days on site to complete all of the work, including the topographic survey and a similar amount of time back in the office to draw up the plans.

The three elements of the Measured Building Survey were the Elevations, Sections and Floorplans, which are explained below;

Elevations: Information gathered includes window and door reveals, lintels, architectural detail, change in roofing material etc.

Measured Building Survey

Agriculture building survey drawing

Sections: drawn up from information at predetermined locations showing details of roof truss, floor and beam heights and ground level either side of the building etc

Roof Truss and Beams
Roof Drawing
Floorplan drawing

Should you own or know of any owners of a property with the potential to redevelop to add value and create an income we would be happy to provide a quote for any Measured Building Survey requirements.


What clients say about us

“ The projects that Richard has undertaken for me have been carried out swiftly and efficiently, and he is keen to maintain a good service ”

Peter Richards
Peter Richards & Co, Property Consultancy
“ Our client had a site that required a multi discipline survey be carried out, all of which Advantage Geomatics were able to deliver. Their professional and thorough approach to the job meant it was completed quickly and enabled our workflow to continue smoothly. ”

Charlene Sussums-Lewis
Carter Jonas
“ The first crucial element of good garden and landscape design is an accurate topographical survey. Richard has always delivered excellent clear, informative surveys for our award winning schemes to come to life, I certainly will continue to use his speedy service and recommend him to others. ”

Mike Russell
Designs With Nature, Gold Medal winning garden designer